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The Paris administration wants to remove Love locks attached to a fence by lovers on the Pont des Arts bridge upon the Seine river!
A tradition that got world famous might disappear from the Paris scene. Officials seriously want to move it online!

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Chinese guardian lions (called Foo Dogs in the West) are considered a representation of lions in pre-modern China. They were most often found “guarding” Imperial palaces, tombs, temples, government offices, and the homes of government officials and wealthy families. The Foo Dogs were believed to have mythical powers of protection, and stand in pairs – one on each side of a main door’s entrance. They also embody the belief of yin and yang, the one Foo Dog being male and guarding the structure, while the other is female and protects the inside of the home. To this day, the guardian lions are a common decorative element, standing at the entrances of buildings (whether commercial or residence) all over the world where Chinese people have emigrated and settled.


Beautiful set of Jade Foo Dogs at Bernadette Schaeffler Collection

Beautiful set of Jade Foo Dogs at Bernadette Schaeffler Collection


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Office Space

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Your home office (whether it’s there to work from home or pay bills) is an important space to have completely organized. Between a desk, bookshelves, and file cabinets, there are plenty of options for sorting your things. A comfortable chair helps productivity, as do the accessories you place in your office space. You should choose items that inspire you, make you feel more creative or successful. For example, the horse figurines in the picture below are designed to promote prosperity and good luck.


Accessorizing an office is also important for productivity. No one is productive in a space they don't feel comfortable in.

Accessorizing an office is also important for productivity. No one is productive in a space they don’t feel comfortable in.


One of the sweetest improvements I’ve seen in a home office was the addition of a comfortable bench for the children of the home to sit and keep their parents company. For the older child, there was even a desk and chair complimentary to her parents’ for her to sit and do homework.

There are so many options for a home office space that you should explore before changing yours around. Come to Bernadette Schaeffler Collection and we will help you find the perfect furnishings and accessories to promote your success!

In my line of business, I’ve seen a lot of homes. All different design styles, with varying numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories. The one thing I’ve noticed in all popular home designs (the ones that sell the fastest in the market) is a wet/dry bar somewhere in the home. It seems to have become the new “must have” in every home and for good reason!


An alcove off the family room is a great place to tuck away a wet bar!

An alcove off the family room is a great place to tuck away a wet bar!


Coming from a country where having a before- and after-dinner drink is expected, a wet/dry bar is a very convenient feature to have. Having one allows you to serve your guests a drink without having to run back to the kitchen and have your refrigerator filled with a large selection of drinks. I’ve seen a lot of locations throughout a home, but the best is always in the vicinity of your most-used entertainment area (i.e. living or dining room).


Beautiful crystal glasswares are a great addition to a wet/dry bar

Beautiful crystal glasswares are a great addition to a wet/dry bar


The benefit of a wet bar is that you have a constant flow of water for those who don’t want to drink alcohol. Also, you can rinse the glasses when your guests are finished, that way the drink doesn’t set a hard-to-wash stain in the glass. However, a dry bar also has its merits; not having to create a flow of plumbing to create a wet bar is definitely one. Either way, a small drink refrigerator is a must, as is storage for glasses and other bottles.

Table Discussion

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Choosing the right table for your dining room can be hard work. There are many options, sizes, and styles that can create different styles in your home. Bar-height and round tables can create a very relaxed atmosphere, whereas rectangular tables can be incredibly formal. In addition to all of these choices, the types of chairs you pair with your table can also make a big difference.


The different colored chairs  are not your typical dining room accessory!

The different colored chairs are not your typical dining room accessory!


The round table above, paired with six brightly colored chairs, creates a fun and relaxed design style. This is the perfect style for a family with children or a home with a more eccentric style. On the other hand, the table arrangement below is definitely a more formal setting for larger gatherings. The buffets on either wall also accentuate a more formal style.


A large dining room table is perfect for entertaining dinner guests

A large dining room table is perfect for entertaining dinner guests


Of course, you do not have to go to either of these extremes. With the right blend of formal and informal, you can create the perfect dining set for your home and style. Feel free to visit Bernadette Schaeffler Collection for more inspiration and do not hesitate to ask us for help!

Family Power

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While I was growing up and later working in the fashion industries, I witnessed the importance of family tradition in businesses like Ferragamo, Missoni, and Sergio Rossi.

Italian Companie

Versace an Italian ambassador

They, like many others, were the backbone of Italy’s economy. Recently, however, the family-owned businesses have been fading away, eaten up by corporate monsters. Most of the companies left are struggling to keep their head above water, oftentimes because the younger generations are not interested or are ill-equipped to handle the stresses of business life.


Fiat 500- one car two generations right in front of me!

There are some, however, who are still successful, as they adapt to the changing times with new innovations, while retaining old traditions and high quality. When I was starting my search for a traditional family-owned furniture company, I came across a company called Nicoline, who does just that.

Working with Nicoline has been such a great success, as they manage to combine Italian passion for design and quality, German precision, and American “I want it yesterday” attitude. On my latest business trip, I was given the opportunity to visit the plant and see the intricate work that goes into each of their pieces. In keeping with their values, the plant is located in a traditional, old-fashioned Italian town. I felt like I was being welcomed with open arms, a distinct coffee smell, and prosciutto hanging in the butcher’s store like paintings in a museum.


Sofa leather can not be cut by machines!


Treasure box- Leather storage


Stresstest for Leather is a daily routine


Best quality for best sitting comfort

It felt like I was walking through a childhood memory, since this is exactly the way I remember the small Italian towns I used to visit. While walking through the Piazza, I got the impression that life stood still. Families were enjoying an evening out together, talking about their day, not a cellphone in sight. I must have been quite a sight myself, as I was pulling my luggage through the small town.


Matera is well known for its historical center called “Sassi”, considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO

In my effort to look for the unique things in life, I found a beautiful hotel…in a part of town where traffic is restricted.


Luigi, the general manager at Nicoline, picked me up from the hotel bright and early the next morning. Even he was surprised by my choice of hotel, a hidden gem in the old town. We drove (in a German car, to my delight) to the plant’s location in Altamura, Puglio. During the forty minute drive, we talked like old friends, even though we had only met once in the last year; and we had much to discuss! From his stories, I came to realize with how much understanding, knowledge, and passion the company was being run. When we finally arrived, I saw just how deeply that feeling had seeded itself within the business. Luigi guided me through the workrooms and introduced me to all the craftsmen who worked so hard to build my furniture. Something very unique to Nicoline is that they only hire Italian workers; many other companies in Italy “import” their workers from China and other Asian countries, since that is a cheaper form of labor.

After we finished our tour, I was introduced to Niko, the owner of Nicoline, and it became clear to me that he was the reason his workers were so proud of their work and attention to detail. Niko invited me to join him, his wife, and another client from Nigeria for lunch. I was excited for the opportunity to get to know the owner better, and I absolutely love traditional Italian food.




After lunch, however, the real fun started! For six hours, Luigi, Tita (the head designer of Nicoline), and I worked together to create the newest selection of furniture for Bernadette Schaeffler Collection. The working environment was absolutely fantastic; I was even tempted to stay permanently at Nicoline to design furniture. However, when we completed our designs, I became much more excited to bring them back to Dallas and show you the outcome!


I definitely found the perfect family-owned company for my showroom, and cannot wait to have the new furniture arrive in September!


There is a fine line between a collection of accessories that mean something to you and a bunch of knickknacks that are just hanging around collection dust. “It was expensive” and “it was a gift” can only go so far if the items don’t fit in to your personal style. Sell it or throw it out, and only keep things that you absolutely cannot bear to part with. Then take what is left and create a beautiful arrangement that makes your home look like new.


Placing collectibles behind glass doors reduces dust

Placing collectibles behind glass doors can keep dust from settling on your most precious items.

Creating an arrangement like the one in the picture above allows your home to return to a state of minimalism. Getting rid of all the excess accessories that don’t fit your style is the first step towards returning to an organized home. Cute knickknacks can turn into clutter faster than you’d think, and it is always downhill from there! 

If you need any help organizing your home, ask Bernadette Schaeffler Collection for help. We can help you recover from a coup d’état of knickknacks!